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Holiday Season Blues: The Gift of Giving

The holiday season is “supposed” to be all about bliss, happiness, giving, gratitude, being surrounded by loved ones, and more. However, do you ever notice that it’s about a 50/50 split of the people that feel this way versus the people feeling the opposite of happiness and bliss?
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Set Yourself Up For Success: Holiday Express!

With the holidays quickly approaching it's easy for us all to have tunnel vision glasses on for the holiday mode. This typically consists of constantly indulging with shopping, food, alcohol, parties, more food, more alcohol, and HOLY SWEETS! Before you know it, we are sitting on the couch on Christmas Eve enjoying cookies & cocoa in sweat pants which all of a sudden seemed to have "shrunk" in size. 
This morning I spoke on Kansas City's FOX 4 Morning News Show about how to plan ahead to avoid packing on the extra holiday weight. The infamous extra weight you spend half the beginning of a new year "getting back to it." In addition to the segment link (provided to you by clicking above or here), below you will find a recap from today's segment + a few extra tips that weren't discussed in order to "Set Yourself Up For Success: Holiday Express!"
Phase One: Getting Started
1. Prepare Your Mind
Start with daily affirmations specific to you, w…

Season of Reflection

The day I set out for this 11-day road trip across the United States coincidentally happened to be exactly 1 year after the beginning of a time in my life that became so life changing only God knew what was about to happen. This trip was taken with the intention for it to be life changing; to create new, life long memories that would bring our unconscious self we were created to be out into the world. It was about acting on an opportunity that 98% of us humans only talk and dream about but never act on. I simply don't have words to describe how incredibly amazing and life changing this journey was.  I am so incredibly grateful I could share this experience with one of the most genuine, selfless individuals I am lucky enough to call one of my best friends. Through life changing journeys, you are faced with a point of reflection. As I witnessed multiple breathtaking views (that not even a picture can fully capture), I was forced to reflect over the past year of my life and even part…